World Racing League WRLD


we are an Italian community and beyond, where at the center of simracing, we organize EVENTS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS on: MotoGP series on pc, F1 crossplay, we have a team on Assetto Corsa Competizione called FRS Racing Team on PC, we are starting our journey also on Gran Turismo 7 with some interesting events.
below you will find all our links for the various social networks.

our discord server:

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Regolamento generale

Indicazioni che si applicano a tutti gli eventi e ai campionati della lega.

Respect the staff members who work every day to improve this experience
Respect the decisions of the Race Direction on the outcomes of the complaints
Maximum seriousness: once the commitment has been made, it is completed
Education in the Discord channels:
-No insults to other pilots
-No swearing
-No pornographic or death scenes stickers/GIFs

In case of non-application of these rules, the pilot concerned will receive a warning, at the achievement of 3 yellow cards will be deducted 1 driving license point and the removal from the groups for 2 weeks.


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